影のシルエットだけでも 仲睦まじさが伝わってきていましたよ♡



振り返ってもらったお二人の笑顔に とろけました〜♪♪




楽しそうに 歩くお二人を 追う、これまた楽しそうなお二人の影♪♪



袖を揺らし 楽しむお二人の 笑顔が ずっと心に残っています☆☆


お二人にとっても、 心に残る撮影の1日になっていたら いいなぁ☆☆







3.Feb.2018 Today’s photos
“Around the Himeji-jo castle “.
Himeji Castle has 400 years of history.
It is considered one of Japan’s three premier castles.
Himeji Castle is the largest and most visited castle in Japan,
and it was registered in 1993 as one of the first UNESCO World heritage sites
in the country.
You can walk around this beautiful castle,have fun Japanese architecture
and nature everywhere.
We look forward to having you join us!

Urgent news!
We have a special discount in this winter:6.Jan -28.Feb.2018
We will be happy to discount the prices of shooting plan,  knock off 30,000 yen from the price!
We are sorry but it CANNOT be combined with any other coupon, Western-dress plan, studio shooting plan.